Interroll Drum Motors are mainly designed for use in belt conveyors and connected conveyor systems. Thanks to many years of experience in the belt conveyor sector, Interroll can offer a comprehensive range. Interroll Drum Motors enable the construction of maintenance-free, energy-efficient conveyor belt systems.

Drum motors are used in various areas:

  • in airport luggage conveyors
  • in the packaging industry
  • in the food processing industry
  • in the production and manufacturing sector
  • for dynamic weighing

Premiere! New Generation of Drum Motors

Fully modular synchronous and asynchronous drum motors, designed for high performance, longevity, and to meet stringent hygiene requirements.

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Find out if a belt drive can be used in your application case! By entering a couple of application parameters, you can check if a drum motor can be used and what type.

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Our proven belt drives

Asynchronous Drum Motors with technopolymer gearbox (S-Series)

80S, 113S

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Asynchronous Drum Motors with steel gearbox (i-Series)

113i, 138i, 165i, 217i

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Synchronous Drum Motors with steel gearbox (D-Series)

80D, 113D

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Laggings and Options

Laggings, Sprockets, Feedback Devices etc.

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Different types of brackets

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Interroll Drum Motor Service

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