Fact sheet: Smart Solutions for Safe and Hygienic Food Manufacturing Operations

Food recalls, a direct consequence of contamination in a food plant, cost companies an average of $10 million in direct costs alone, according to a study by the Food Marketing Institute and the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) in the US.

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Fact Sheet: Baggage Handling

The Interroll Belt Curve: The most reliable solution for handling baggage.

Our Belt Curve has a track record of more than 50 years of reliable operation.

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Fact Sheet: Palet konveyörü - Dinamik depo

Yüksek devir hızı için düşük iş maliyetli çözümler gerekir. Artan palet alanı ve devir hızı ile genel maliyet karşılaştırması açık bir şekilde akış depolama sisteminin lehinedir.

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Why efficient conveyor systems are becoming increasingly important

The world of intralogistics is undergoing radical change. With the globalisation of the economy, shorter product cycles and the advance of e-commerce , the international flow of goods is increasing and accelerating. Business processes and supply chains are becoming increasingly complex, and customers more demanding.

Learn how modern conveyor technology can strengthen your competitive position with low operating costs.